About us

Prescot,  a global leading tissue company established  in Kolathur, Chennai that manufactures and sells consumer tissue. We are the leading dealer and producer of the non-woven products. Our product range comprises of Medicated Wet Wipes, Cosmetic Wipes, and other Disposable Surgical kits etc…. Our products are easily available at very reasonable price. Each Prescot wipe is made from Viscose fibres, a  100% natural bio-degradable fibre. It is pure, soft and has high moisture absorption capacity. Prescot  wipes are dermatologically tested. They are hygienic, skin-friendly and do not leave lint on the skin.Each formulation is a selective blend of aqua, skin-friendly ingredients and herbal actives with a precise functionality that results in a distinctly superior product experience on application. These are free from harsh chemicals like alcohol.

Prescot Wipes provides high-quality, affordable bulk products to businesses across a spectrum of industries. Select from any of our high-volume house brands, and you’ll be assured that performance, safety and value go hand-in-hand.There are a team of skilled engineers and employees that are basically working with an objective of satisfying clients by providing their unique service and products.

Vision & Mission


Honesty and Integrity are the foundations from which we operate. We take our responsibilities seriously, and always strive to do the right thing for the benefit of our customers.


We strongly and firmly focus on  to manufacture, develop and deliver superior quality products in the market that improves our customer daily life.